All Questions Answered

What’s your shooting style?
Being friends to so many beautiful couples like you, we know your wedding day belongs to you and your partner. As good friends, we would never want to steer and direct your beautiful moments. You know we believe real > perfect. We shoot all our films and stills in a documentary style that captures emotions that are non-directed, non-posed and real. This style helps us to tell your story with all the little yet very powerful and magical moments in an authentic spontaneous way.
What if we want portraits with family and friends?
Regardless of our style, we know how important these beautiful pictures are to complete your heirloom and so we can’t imagine saying no. We will surely shoot such beautiful photos and if time is right we would also direct you in a flattering pose that will make these photos look natural.
How much do you charge?
We believe that hiring us for our big day is an investment that you make so instead of bundling goods and services in pretty little packages, we want to provide you with the opportunity of getting customised collections. Our basic collection starts from around 3.5 lakhs and it might vary based on many factors like the scale of your wedding, events you want our services for, the services you require, etc. So get in touch with us to get a customised collection for your wedding.
What is your delivery timeline?
We understand the happiness and eagerness of sharing the best day with everyone so we share a few glimpse in 3-4 days of your wedding. Having said that, being your friend, your wedding is very close to us and so are all the other weddings we cover for other friends. All the weddings have special story and we in our wildest dreams can’t imagine outsourcing that to other people. We put our heart and soul in the post processing and make sure of doing justice to all the beautiful stories like yours. Thus the final delivery happens within 6-8 months. We can assure you, dear friend that it’s worth the wait.
Can we hire another team?
We would love to be the only friend capturing your wedding. (We are possessive like that ;)) Jokes apart, we shoot in a very unique way and having another team with a different style might cause constraints that would affect the final output.
Can I have all the RAW data?
Trust us, having to go through repetitive, unfocused, story-less photos for the entire wedding celebration will not just kill your mood, you’d never want to see them ever again. That’s not what you’ve hired us for. We would want you to have an heirloom that you’d want to visit again and again. So to give the best, dear friend, we would never torture you with all the photos. We would provide you just the best post processed still and films.
How can we hire you?
Easy. Just contact us and we will arrange an opportunity to personally connect with you regardless of how we meet whether it be a phone call, a coffee date or online meet. We will just chat and know you, know what you are looking for in regards of our services.

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